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Corruption City The Mixtape

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Fofit immigrated to the United States with his family at the age of four. Sorng endured a tough beginning, spending those first four years living in refugee camps in Thailand and the Philippines as his family sought to escape the genocide and persecution of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia.
When Fofit’s family arrived in California in 1984, they were optimistic that the American Dream was within reach. However, those dreams took a serious detour in 1989 when an earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale devastated their home. Homeless and with no place to go, Fofit and his family came to Rhode Island to move in with family. But once in Rhode Island, Fofit found other disasters looming.
Fofit’s family settled in Providence and soon found that their neighborhood was a hot spot for gang activity. Very quickly, Fofit and his older brother found themselves fearing for their lives. Fofit found himself beginning a downward spiral of destructive behavior as early as elementary school. His brother, meanwhile, ended up being expelled from middle school for the gun he began to carry for protection. With his brother and protector incarcerated – Fofit, at the age of 13, felt as though he had no option but to sell drugs in order to buy guns for himself. All this anger and stress developed a passion for writing ryming to express what he was going through.
Over the next decade, Fofit became engulfed in the cycle of drugs, violence, and jail. During this time, his gang affiliation remained strong – a safety mechanism that helped him stay alive. In the meantime, he continued to sell drugs and was expelled from many high schools. Fofit knew that this destructive path could only lead to death or long-term incarceration, but strangely, he felt powerless to change his fate.
At 22, Fofit was lying in the middle of a city street, waiting to die. He was bleeding from three critical gunshot wounds – two in the back and one in the leg. The bullets narrowly missed his spine. Lucky to be alive, Fofit knew that his life had to change, before he didn’t have one.
He began working with an independent label called Slanted Eye Enterprise which is affiliated with Beat Downz Entertainment. To keep away from a violation charge while serving 10 years probation. Fofit began to sell and use drugs (marijuana)once again as he continued to work on his music. The drug and alcohol use was slowly dragging him down. He was arrested once again.
Upon his release from prison, Fofit discovered YouthBuild Providence, an alternative education and job-training program. YouthBuild Providence took a holistic approach to helping Fofit move away from destructive behaviors and create new ones. During the 10-month program, he earned his GED and helped construct a brand new home for a low-income family. Fofit learned the job skills he needed for a solid career in construction while expanding his social consciousness of supporting his neighborhood. The staff at YouthBuild Providence helped him stop using drugs and break the pattern of violence that had been so much a part of this life. Upon graduating for the 10-month curriculum in 2004, Fofit possessed a great deal of knowledge about construction, so much that he scored a 97 % on his entrance exam to the Carpenters Union, local 94. Also he continued to pursue his dreams in the hip hop industry thanks to Asian Squad Assassins co founder Multi, Fofit is currently pushin the first mixtape cd titled Corruption City. Fofit is now united with the whole squad Multi, Bugzy, Rfatal, Mercenarie, and S.k. Asian Squad is now in the studio working on the next mixtape titled Asian Stock Exchange coming to a hood near you.
Sorng attributes his success in YouthBuild Providence to the nourishment and support he received of the program staff, a committed group of teachers and counselors who understood the social pressures urban youth must endure on a day-to-day basis. “They never stopped encouraging me, telling me that I could achieve anything I wanted.” Fofit said during his graduation ceremony. “After a while, I began to believe them and believe in myself.”
Fofit could have moved directly from YouthBuild into a lucrative job as a union carpenter. However he decided to delay his entry into the Carpenter’s Union by one year so he serve as the YouthBuild Providence Construction Trainer for one year and help guide others to a positive place in life. He is the first YouthBuild graduate to be hired as a staff person in our eight-year history.
Fofit is the type of person every YouthBuild program wants. He leads by example is hard working, always positive, and substance free. He appreciates that second chance that YouthBuild provided to him and is committed to help others achieve the same success. His attitude is contagious and his knowledge or urban life makes him a vital resource to our program. Thanks to YouthBuild Providence, Fofit is well on his way to living out those dreams that his family sought for him.
There are three sides to the story the truth your side my side Believe nothing you hear,And half of what you see, the truth shall set you free. .... ....